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Custom Specialty Decals  

Custom Super-Tac Adhesive

These screen-printed decals are available as white or yellow vinyl or clear ployester with Super-Tac Adhesive. The adhesive is formulated to stick permanently to surfaces which are not smooth or blemish-free, such as storage containers, dumpsters and steel drums. These products are produced with back adhesive only.

Overlamination provides additional surface protection against abrasion, some solvents, oil, gasoline and some acids.

No. 737 Clear Polyester
No. 738 White Vinyl
No. 739 Yellow Vinyl
No. 837 Overlaminated Clear
No. 838 Overlaminated White Vinyl
No. 839 Overlaminated Yellow Vinyl

Contact us for pricing.


Custom Tuf-Cal™ Decals

Tuf-Cal™ decals are screen-printed, overlaminated decals that are recommended when the application requires additional protection. The imprinted vinyl or polyester is covered by a clear polyester overlaminate to protect the decal in a harsh environment. These decals are supplied with permanent, pressure-sensitive back adhesive only.

No. 478 Tuf-Cal™ Overlaminated White Vinyl
No. 479 Tuf-Cal™ Overlaminated Yellow Vinyl
No. 480 Tuf-Cal™ Overlaminated Clear Polyester (Back Adhesive Only)

Contact us for pricing.

Custom Destructable Decals

Destructible Decals are available in white and clear vinyl. This item prohibits the ability to move the decal from one location to another. Once tampering has begun the decal will tear into several pieces. Destructible decals are NOT furnished with a split backing due to material characteristics. For maximum adhesive contact and "destructible" properties, allow 72 hours after application for adhesive to make contact (cure).

Destructible White & Transparent Vinyl
No. 774 Destructible White
No. 775 Destructible Transparent (Face Adhesive)
No. 776 Destructible Transparent (Back Adhesive)

Contact us for pricing.

Voidable Chrome Destructable Decals

Voidable Chrome is designed to provide proof of product tampering. This tamperproof item exposes the word “VOID” on the product when the material is separated from the adhesive. Voidable Chrome decals are NOT furnished with a split backing due to material characteristics. For maximum adhesive contact and “void” readability, allow 72 hours after application for adhesive to make contact (cure).

No. 770 Voidable Chrome

Contact us for pricing.

Double Face Decals

No. 663 Double Face Window Decals
Polyester material is furnished with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Decals are furnished with split backing for easy application.

No. 665 Double Face Static Cling
Made of .007" static adhering material. No adhesive is needed. Static holds decal firmly in place. Static Stick materials do not require split backing for removal.

No. 667 Double Face With Temporary Adhesive
This product uses a temporary adhesive that provides more adhesion than Static Stick material, but is very easy to remove!

Note: Double Face Decals are designed for face application and applied to the inside of a window.

Contact us for pricing.

*Die Cutting charges apply for Non-Standard Shapes.


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