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Political Kits
Save on Political Campaign Products!

A combination of popular political products with special pricing to maximize campaign dollars!

Choose from:
Bumper Stickers/Posters Combo
Static Decals/Posters Combo

Choose Any 2 Standard Colors!

24" x 36" Fold-Over Posters with Poster Frames
(Folds to 24" x 18")

7-1/2" x 3-3/4"
Static Decals


7-1/2" x 3-3/4"
Bumper Stickers


3" x 2 "
Lapel Labels
(Available Only with
Package 7755 and 7761)

Each package includes posters and poster frames, static window decals or bumper stickers, with a bonus of lapel labels on the largest package. Decals are available in two materials, the always popular bumper sticker or a clear static window decal! (Static decals are inside application, face adhesive and will be flooded white for opacity). Choose any two of our standard colors. Colors must remain the same on all of the items in the package.

Poster frames are included.

Vinyl Bumper Stickers/Posters Combo
(Includes Poster Frames)
Bumper Sticker and Posters
Two Standard Colors
Package 7751
125 Bumpers/125 Posters
Package 7752
250 Bumpers/250 Posters

Package 7753
500 Bumpers/500 Posters

Package 7754
1000 Bumpers/1000 Posters
Package 7755
1000 Bumper/1000 Posters/1000 Roll Labels

Static Decals/Posters Combo (Includes Poster Frames)
Static Decals and Posters
Two Standard Colors
Package 7756
125 Static Decals/125 Posters
Package 7757
250 Static Decals/250 Posters

Package 7758
500 Static Decals/500 Posters

Package 7759
1000 Static Decals/
1000 Posters
Package 7761
1000 Static Decals/1000 Posters/1000 Roll Labels

*Pricing subject to change without notice.


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